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A standout mobile app is crucial for your brand.

We specialize in crafting exceptional mobile experiences, ​for both Android and iOS, whether writing native apps for ​each or using versatile platforms like Flutter.

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Feel Good About Your M​obile Future

In 2023, the in-app purchase market grew even more, to $176.63 billion, a clear sign that ​mobile isnt going anywhere and that all businesses need to take it seriously*.

In 2024, the trend of internet users preferring mobile devices over desktops for web ​browsing and various online activities continues to be significant. Mobile devices account ​for a substantial portion of web traffic. In the United States, for example, mobile devices ​represent about 58% of total web visits, while desktop contributes around 42%*.

Honestly, we get why it may be hard to believe but we can get you in

Both App Stores,

In Half The Time

We’re aces at native iOS and Android development, so if ​you have your heart set on that, no sweat. We got you.

It’s just that in our experience, using the Flutter, a ​technology for building cross-platform applications that is ​built by and supported by Google, is the better move.

Gone are the days of having to maintain two separate ​apps to get the performance and precision of the native ​experience.

Write once, deploy everywhere.

Working an app with our team is so ​smooth that it feels like we’re in-​house.

What We Offer

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Custom Mobile Apps

iOS and Android: Swift, Objective-C, Java, ​Kotlin, Dart, or JavaScript? We do it all.

We even do web-based mobile apps too ​using React Native, Ionic, and Apache ​Cordova.

Our developers have been writing mobile ​apps since the dawn of smartphones.

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Get Your Idea to MVP

Whether your app is drawn on a napkin or ​already out, we can jump in anywhere.

We work with you to scope your MVP ​(minimum viable product/project) ​together no matter what size or scope.

Our team has decades of experience ​sizing and scoping software projects.

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Mobile App Distribution

Don’t want to deal with app store approval ​headaches? Then don’t.

Have us release your app through our ​developer publisher accounts and let us ​take that off your plate.

We know the ins and outs of the app ​approval process in ways others don’t.

If you can think of it, we’ve probably ​built something like it before.

Ri​ch, Interactive Content

Custom content types that your users can create, update, ​edit, and delete can become the foundational content for ​your app, with or without user uploads.

Shareable lists of content items, user activity feeds, user ​voting and user comments can update asynchronously or in ​real-time depending on your app’s social needs.

Video and music playback, custom animations for user ​interactions, and using device features such as ambient ​light,​ gyroscope, and orientation can add polish to app.

In-App Purchases & 3rd P​arty Integrations

Want to offer in-app purchases or some feature​s behind a subscription? We can help you tailor your mo​netization​ ​strategy.

Want to integrate your app with another app lik​e Discord, Facebook, or Mastodon? We can make ​it happen.

Platform-Specific Integrations

We can add an app for WatchOS on iOS, integrate lock and ​home screen widgets on either platform, and even integrate ​yo​u​r​ app with Siri and Google Assistant.

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Our ​Process

IIntro CAll &


We spend some time together so we can ​learn about your app and ask all the right ​questions to scope our work together.

Finalize the Plan &

Build Your App

After we have everything just right, you sign ​off on the development and we can get to it.

Ship It & ​Iterate

We get your app deployed in both app stores ​and iterate on the next version to keep your ​audience coming back for more.

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Let’s chat

It’s like brainstorming with friends – but these pals ​will execute on your mobile app faster and better ​than you thought was possible.