From Blueprint to Skyline: ​Full-Stack Development ​at Work, For You

Front-end, back-end, or both: we’ve tried all the popular ​stacks and seen some of the most creative ones too.

We are experts at jumping in to any software project, and ​we know what to ask to get started or moving quickly.

We don’t take jobs we aren’t confident in so we can be ​some of the most reliable contractors that you’ve ever ​worked with.

Let’s Go

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Why Are Good Software ​Contractors So Hard To Find?

Honest question.

Our working theory is that most software development shops feel pressured ​to say yes to a project when it’s not a good fit when they should be saying no. ​They take your money, and then saddle their developers (who likely weren’t in ​the room when gathering the requirements) with a half-baked specification ​that’s supposed to represent your app.

You struggle to get status updates, timelines keep shifting, and when the shoe ​finally drops you end up with a sub-par implementation that product and ​design aren’t happy with.

...Yeah, we don’t do that here.

Working an app with our team is so ​smooth that it feels like we’re in-​house.

What We Offer

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Literally Any Stack

iOS and Android: Swift, Objective-C, Java, ​Kotlin, Dart, or JavaScript? We do it all.

We even do web-based mobile apps too ​using React Native, Ionic, and Apache ​Cordova.

Our developers have been writing mobile ​apps since the dawn of smartphones.

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We’re Not Kidding

Whether your app is drawn on a napkin or ​already out, we can jump in anywhere.

We work with you to scope your MVP ​(minimum viable product/project) ​together no matter what size or scope.

Our team has decades of experience ​sizing and scoping software projects.

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Just Try And Surprise Us

Don’t want to deal with app store approval ​headaches? Then don’t.

Have us release your app through our ​developer publisher accounts and let us ​take that off your plate.

We know the ins and outs of the app ​approval process in ways others don’t.

Our developers have done work for ​Google, Microsoft, Digital Ocean, ​Mozilla, Splice, Begin, System1

& more

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Our ​Process

IIntro CAll &


We spend some time together so we can ​learn about what you need and ask all the ​right questions to scope our work together.

Finalize the Plan &

Build IT

After we have everything just right, you sign ​off on the development and we can get to it. ​Whether you need a feature or a full app.

Ship It & ​Iterate

We get your project deployed in both app ​stores and iterate on the next version to keep ​your audience coming back for more.

If you can think of it, we’ve probably ​built something like it before.

Front-end Development






Vanilla Javascript/HTML/CSS

Backend Development

Python (Flask, FastAPI, Tornado, Django)

Java (Spring Boot, Apache Struts, JSF, HIbernate)

Javascript (Everything Node)

Golang (Beego, Gin, Echo, Kit, Iris, Revel, FastHTTP)

Ruby (Rails, Sinatra, Hanami, Grape, Cuba)

Rust (Actix Web, Rocket, Yew, Tide,, Warp)

Content Management Systems






Infrastructure & DevOps

Amazon Web Services (EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS, VPC)

Google Cloud (Compute, BigQuery, GKE)

Kubernetes and Docker

ElasticStack (ELK: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Da​tadog integration



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Let’s chat

It’s like brainstorming with friends – but these pals ​will build your feature or entire app faster and better ​than you though possible.