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Kubernetes You Can Understand

Even with Kubernetes in play, moving and modernizing ​apps is a tough gig for development teams. It’s a hurdle ​in unlocking the full potential of your container tech.

Whether it’s about shifting old-school monolithic apps ​or building fresh microservices, our guidance is all ​about swift, efficient transitions.

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Workshops That Don't Suck

Our workshops aren’t lectures, they are working sessions with our experts. Your team will ​be hands-on with us solving your specific business problem together in real-time.

F​rom this experience, you'll get the hang of Kubernetes quickly, even if you're starting from​ scratch.

Our world-class solutions architects ​have experience building for

IBM, Visa, Docker, ADP, Societe ​Generale, Jabil, Conoa, and the ​University of Colorado

...just to name a few.

What Makes Us Different

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Comprehensive Intake

IWe’ve done this enough times to know ​exactly the right set of question to ask ​right from the start.

We want to spend our time solving your ​problem, not sitting in meetings.

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Hands-on Group Learning

We make sure you and your team ​understand what, how, and why we’ve ​orchestrated your application the way it is.

If we’ve done our job well, you’ll feel like ​you know it as well as we do.

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Ongoing Support

We know that with big changes, it is ​impossible to forsee every question up ​front.

We can tailor your consultation package ​with the level of support that you need.

For developers wrestling with complex ​environment management, ​Kubernetes is a game-changer.

Th​e ‘app modernization’ buzzwords, explained

In the context of Docker and Kubernetes, app ​modernization refers to the process of updating and ​transforming traditional, often outdated applications into ​more contemporary, efficient, and scalable versions using ​these modern technologies.

If Docker is about building and packaging your app in a ​container, Kubernetes is about what happens next - how you ​deploy, scale, and manage those containers in a real-world ​environment.

If you're already familiar with Docker, understanding ​Kubernetes becomes a bit simpler.

The Conductor of your App Orchestra

Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool. It's designed to ​manage multiple containers at scale. Think of it as a system ​that helps you deploy, scale, and operate a large number of ​containers smoothly. Here's what it does:

Automated Scheduling: Kubernetes decides where to run ​your containers based on the resources they need and the ​resources available.

Load Balancing: If a container gets more traffic, Kubernetes ​can balance the load by distributing the network traffic so ​that the deployment is stable.

Health Monitoring: It keeps an eye on your containers. If one ​stops working, Kubernetes can restart it automatically.

Scalability: You can tell Kubernetes to run more or fewer ​containers based on demand, and it'll handle the scaling for ​you.

Update & Rollback: Kubernetes allows you to update your ​application without downtime. If something goes wrong, it ​can also rollback to the previous version.

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Our ​Process

Intro Call &


We run through our systematic checklist so ​that we get you exactly what you need for ​your specific business case.

We Build Your ​Solution

We use industry best practices to deliver the ​solution as specified, tailored to your needs.

We Train & Transfer

We teach you and your team what we did, ​how, and why so that you know your newly ​orchestrated app as well as we do.

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It’s like brainstorming with friends – but these pals ​can disappear your containerization headaches.