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Engram Software is a software development company staffed by industry ​veterans who’ve seen all the ways tech projects can go sideways, got tired ​of it, and decided to be the change they wanted to see in industry.

What We Offer

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Application Development

If you can dream it, we can build it, using ​the right tools for the job.

Mobile app development doesn’t have to ​be a choice between fast or fantastic.

We eat spaghetti code like it’s a snack. ​We’re not afraid of your monolithic API.

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Kubernetes Migrations

Think of us as the origami artists of ​containerization.

We fold complex applications into neat, ​efficient solutions in Kubernetes.

We're all about getting your app into its ​new Kubernetes home without any hassle.

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Machine Learning & AI

Don't sweat the AI hype; we'll show you ​how even a little data can do big things.

It's not just for the tech giants – it's for ​everyone.

We don't just apply off-the-shelf ​algorithms; we tailor solutions.

Why us?

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Your tech tech debt will not ​be the worst we’ve ever seen.

We promise you we aren’t ​judging - we’re here to help.

NO B*llshit

We are graceful, patient, ​and clear communicators.

We work best with teams ​that like this too.


We equip your team to ​continue the work.

We don't just hand off and ​bounce.

We’re all about breaking down tech ​into bite-sized, relatable chunks. No ​suits, no jargon – just good tech and ​good people.

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En​gram Software

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It’s like brainstorming with friends – but these pals can ​actually turn your project dreams into reality.